I'm Joy.

I'm an artist and creative computer scientist.

One of my deepest curiosities has always been how art influences society. For me, art creates new languages for stories to be told, translates feelings and experience across space and time, and re-orients my sense of self in a broader collective context.

When I think about technology, I feel so much optimism about the ways it can enrich the social impact of art—how people use 20% less paper after cutting down a virtual tree, how wearable autonomous communication networks can protect protestors, how changing modes of distribution can make every viewer a more active participant.

I was so excited when Tiffany recommended that I apply for the Content and Editorial Director position at Gray Area, because I feel so strongly connected to Gray Area's mission to engage more people in using technology and art to make the world a better, more just place.

work experience

For 7 years, I worked as a product manager at large tech companies like Google and Twitter. As the Google Drive PM, I collaborated closely with marketing and PR to manage the brand transition from Google Docs to Google Drive, and learned the craft of telling a clear audience-driven story. At Twitter, I coordinated a team of internal data scientists and external researchers to analyze and understand the impact of fake news and misinformation on the platform, and led the team to launch key changes to reduce harm. In the face of complex situations, and many moving parts, I've been able to organize large teams of people behind a mission. By being strategic and thoughtful, I strive to balance impact and effort to make short-term and long-term progress.

For the past 3 years, I've been living and working in Tokyo. As a content strategy consultant at tonari, I worked on the redesign of http://tonari.no, doing everything from copywriting to animation prototyping. I led our user research efforts and published public blog posts and reports. I ran our social media accounts and created our content calendar. My strong organizational and technical skills, as well as ability to quickly adapt and learn make it possible for me to wear many hats in different contexts, especially on small teams where there might be a lot of gaps that need to be filled.

art & community

In Tokyo, as a program manager at Straylight, an artist collective and co-working space, I developed an artist-in-residence program for an inaugural class of 6 artists. I organized several events for our community, the largest of which was an arts and music festival at Kinone Pension, one of the last rebellious co-operatively owned farm houses still standing between a taxiway and tarmac at Narita Airport.

In San Francisco, I worked with Tiffany and others at the Galallery and Secret Alley as a curator and artist, where we successfully fundraised for new installations and expansions of our community space. I've learned a lot about building, maintaining and activating community around social causes, and am excited to take those learnings to similar projects at Gray Area.

going forward

Having seen first-hand many sides of tech, from its role in gentrification and displacement in San Francisco, to the way it has slowly unraveled the infrastructure for democracy, I so strongly believe in the importance of Gray Area's role in this city. I hope at Gray Area, I can help inspire and engage more people to see technology through the lens of social good, and show people new ways to apply technology creatively to help us solve problems, ask the right questions, see more clearly, and feel something new.



oh, and also

Here is my resume.